EZVIZ is the world’s largest video surveillance equipment manufacturer ‘s subsidiary, which is focused on the user-friendly and easy to setup security cameras- and video equipment. In product development was put very much emphasis on user friendliness, so that everyone should be able to cope with domestic camera setup. You only need free EZVIZ app to add or configure cameras and security system.

User-friendly EZVIZ C2mini security camera

EZVIZ C2mini is security camera. To get it working you only need Wi-Fi connection, EZVIZ application and power source. Download free EZVIZ application to configure camera, view live video or view motion recorded clips. Advantage of EZVIZ system is that you don’t have to do anything besides configuring camera with app to watch live or recorded footage over mobile 3G or 4G connection. Camera has built-in microphone and infrared lights that enable you to see in complete darkness up to 10 meters.

Wireless alarm starter kit EZVIZ A1

EZVIZ wireless alarm starter kit is easy to setup and in use. EZVIZ A1 is home security system main block and is connected to home WiFi. It is possible to connect up to 32 different detectors or system add-ons to main block wirelessly.

In selection there are two main detectors, one is pet immune movement detector (PIR) and order is activated by physical movement. To get everything working you only need Wi-Fi connection, EZVIZ application and power source. Push notifications will be sent to you via your home WiFi connection by EZVIZ A1. You can arm and disarm security system with EZVIZ app which also enable you to view home security cameras.

4K sport camera EZVIZ S5 plus

Camera has 12MP sensor, which allows it to record 4K quality with 25 frames per second. Besides high resolution, camera has also ultra wide angle 158° lens.
Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi you can use EZVIZ SPORTS application to transfer videos between two devices wirelessly. Application also allows you to edit videos on the go and upload them to the internet straight away.  Camera has built-in display and comes with a waterproof case. Other accessories are available separately.



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